Dear friends, who are looking at me right now, this is to be the 3rd blog post :).

3 weeks : GONE. I’m thinking whether I should actually do this blog post along the week rather than making a big one at the end of the week, feel like my emotion gets exhausted after the whole week. Anyway, i’ll consider the option later next week. This week, well:

Day one: I almost got my design for the web done, struggled with positioning everything on the page.

Day two: got everything in place, and wondering if it’s too simple. Big prob with Cloud9, GOSH “PLESSC” command =,=, think Tim and me were in the same shoes for sometimes, and this command was getting on my nerves as it constantly popped out “bash: plessc: command not found”. I suspect that I spent about 3hrs just to work on this.

Day three: Tim got sick, poor him, too much to do, too little time. It’s probably same situation for all of us. I was working on common user interface from Polycademy website. My comment: everything is excellent, the materials are all easy to read, examples are very clear. The only thing to complain is TIME. Too much to read (and watch) and too little time, plus I think I am a bit slow in absorbing these things :). Roger started getting us through the example, which helps a lot, I mean in terms of time saving :D. I started playing around with common UI :D. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY. Realized that I found this  is much more interesting than my hundreds of reading for the week >”<.

Day four: Roger:”you should change your design”

Me “@@ =.= sure”


And I think I sort of changed my way of thinking about my app as well. Though the design is not hard, it didnt take me that much time to complete the first page for the thing, it’s just a bit annoyed to start everything again (I mean I feel it’s better after my second effort but still lol ). It’s nearly like a single application, I suppose, simple.

Oh forgot to mention, I met my mentor in the morning as well, Lonsdale Roaster :D. It was an effective 1 hour, i got something to work on and showed Felix. I started to like this process. Breaking things into small problems and solve one by one. I guess this might not just be useful for IT or programming but for other things as well. A lesson learnt :D. It’s true that without doing such thing, sometimes the problem is just too big that we dont really know where to start and which question to ask. At this point, mentoring session is something I really value in this course. More work to do :D/

Day five: got my new design to show Roger. Roger: Noooo, not that background color. It’s tan, light tan, like Ash’s skin color.

Me: Ah ha, Ash’s skin color’s 😀 😀 :D. He would need to get a copyright for it.

Roger: And that picture, not that one that I want

Me: 😀 : D 😀 it’s what you want not what I want

Anyway, just kidding, I am gonna take another one, but Canberra weather seems to go against my will. It’s constantly rainy for the whole weekend. I better start working on my second page, probably try to put a pretty google map picture on the page maybe.

Right now when I am writing this, it’s still rainy =.=. Anyway, I am looking forward to next week as we’re going to learn programming. Roger already get me scared with 23000 words on somewhat first section of the whole thing we are going to go through.  Cya next week 😉


Hey there, I am late for the blog post again, anyway, I’m back for it. Week 2 finished with much to regret. I wish to had more time :D.

Photoshop showed to be a hard cake to swallow within one week. I began to use grids for the web design, finished the first page with constant massive changes everyday since Monday. Surprisingly, most of my time was spending on the logo, which you would feel awe of how simple it is. It took incredibly huge amount of time to brainstorm and produce a concrete idea to put on the paper. Thanks god, Ash saved me again as he found me something similar on to for me to play with, and Roger’s input helped me to complete the little logo.

Toward the end of the week, HTML and CSS were the main focus as we spend much more time on these two languages and how to utilize different tools to put things into place, such as initializr or lessphp, html boilerplate,Twitter boostrap. I found myself a bit overwhelm and for sure much more effort is to be pushed in. Though learning something in a short period of time is challenging, it’s actually very motivating to see how much one could get within time constrains. I was surprised that I actually got some HTML basic, started on CSS and already made a start on building my web app.

The increasing amount of work and installing packages seems to present a problem to my aging laptop though. The PC is constantly lack of necessary files to install these new technologies, which resulted in failures of almost all of my installations. At the moment, I am unable to use local stacks to work on my project offline, but use online platform like cloud9. Well, at this points I would suggest you guys, if ever want to make a proper start, a good pc with powerful process ability is invaluable.

Although it was a tough week, I got something to cheer me up on the weekend. MENTOR MEETING. YAY!!! My mentor is Felix Barbalet. Productive. Helpful. Talented. I ran out of words 😀 to describe someone so awesome. We had a one hour meeting, and  was working on Google API for my project. Weekly meeting was also scheduled. HOORAY !!!

Well, I better start working on my goals to day soon. Looking forwards to week3 😀 HTML, CSS, LESS, Boostrap. Good stuff 😀 😀 😀 .

Just 5 days, and it feels like a month, since I have joined Polycademy. Well, don’t get me wrong, I meant I have studied for 5 days, and the amount of knowledge I have achieved was like a month studying in this field.

Coming back to the reason I wrote this blog, it’s actually one of the the course requirements of the course, and Roger insisted that this would help me to improve myself as well as to provide Polycademy feedback on the teaching method :). It sounds reasonable, and here I am writing a blog. However, I was writing this in a rush, so pardon me if there is any grammar errors 😀 😀 😀 (I like the 😀 face, please bear with me if I overuse it).

We had a hectic week. Though I have prepared, it was a bit overwhelm with such huge knowledge of a technical area like programming, given I was from a finance background :). We started first day with ‘Vision and plan’ , which pretty much cleared up  the imagination messed up on my mine about this course, the ‘what’, ‘how’, and ‘why’. More importantly, I got to see my classmates, Matt, and Ash. We got Time joining the crew in the next day, which made the week become awesome. Listening to people and their ideas is one of the most inspirational things about this course. I got to listen to Matt about his the ‘gift’ app, or Ash with his ‘house design’ idea, or Tim’s chess playing app.

This whole dynamic environment has driven me insane (in a good way :D). I started to think out of the box, touched on things I have never thought of before. When joining this course, I did not have a specific idea of what I really want to do, and my goal was mainly to get the skills out of it somehow. However, an interesting conversation with Matty on the second day gave me a clever idea about car parking. The idea was that, for example,  if two people who both park in short hours parking spots, and spot swapping is possible, they could save money for the next parking session by interchanging their parking spots. The app that I want to develop is an enhancement to the process, which helps these 2 people to find each other more easily in hundreds of others and match their schedule, in order to enable spots swapping. This is how brilliant group work could motivate individual’s creativity and help to identify the problems :D.

After ideas formulation, on day 3 and 4, we started working out the wireframe for the web app. With Roger’s help, ‘the start’ for all our ideas has happened. We began to research for the necessary technology for our apps, and start building the front end design through Moqups ( many thanks to Ash who has kindly introduced and showed me how to use it). The heavy content came in these two days, with ‘indefinite’ length readings on our online material resources (wiki).  I have been struggling to finish these readings, and now I still am thinking of them while writing this blog. At this point, I have to admit that I really want to quit work to to get more time and work on this course :D.

Day 5 seems to be a bit more chilling when we moved to some interesting theories about web design and started put things in place for the web design; and good news came, we got Mentor Meeting on Saturday. By the way, it’s multicultural fest in Canberra at the time, I quite enjoyed the day. We had great talks with the mentors, and got to listened to their stories as well :D. The week has finished like that,  and in the coming second week , we are looking forward to learning about Photoshop.

P/S: This part is one of the best parts I looked forward to learn ever since I knew about Polycademy, gotta spend more time on PS 😀 😀 :D.